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Muller’s list of problematic Delaware sites from Governor Markell’s “transition” process

I had a small involvement in the DNREC “subcommittee” of Markell’s transition team.  For the most part, this was controlled by Guy Marcozzi, President of Duffield Associates, one of Delaware’s most aggressive developers’ consulting firms.  The nominal head of the subcommittee was Debbie Heaton of the Sierra Club and The Nature Conservancy.  Heaton openly connived with Marcozzi to diss environmental concerns.

The transition reports rightfully should have been public documents and I pushed a bit for them to be posted.  As far as I know they never have been; not surprising considering the secretive tendencies Markell’s administration has shown since the election.

In any case, the document  below was contributed by me.  I don’t know if it was included in the final report.

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