Contact information for Delaware state elected officials

Delaware General Assembly web site.

When in session, Senators can be reached by phone at:
Senate Democrats Receptionist: (302) 744-4286
Senate Republicans Receptionist: (302) 744-4048

Representatives can be reached by phone at:
House Democrats Receptionist: (302) 744-4351
House Republicans Receptionist: (302) 744-4171

Official listing of Delaware elected officials (state and federal) for 2015-2016

This is the directory published by the General Assembly including home and office phone numbers and addresses.  It doesn’t include emails.  It is a Microsoft Word document (.doc file): [we are updating this; thanks for your patience]

They Represent You” is a listing of elected officials from the League of Women Voters of Delaware.  Includes home and office phone numbers and emails for legislators.  Probably the single most useful listing.

The same thing posted here on our own site.

For the official House and Senate members pages go here (names are clickable for details but does not include home phone numbers):


House of Representatives

State of Delaware employee phone directory

4 thoughts on “Contact information for Delaware state elected officials

  1. Lawrence Elwood, Ph.D.

    Dear Senator,
    I am asking you to please support Senate Bill 52 since the CARE Act would greatly help family caregivers
    and loved ones here in Delaware. Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Sarah Foster

    Hello, I am writhing this in the hopes that someone will do something about the people who work at the social services building in Newark, DE, the Hudson Center. The people that work there are the rudest people ever. Everytime you call there they act like you are bothering them, the cut you off before you can finish a sentence. Of you dare to go in there they are always talking to each other or on their cell phone’s not caring that you are even there. They totally ignore you. When you finally get someone to talk to you they are ignorant, short and act like you are totally bothering them. You have to fill out your paperwork 3-4 Times because they are constantly loosing it. If they don’t want to do their jobs, then there are plenty of pleasant speaking people who would be ready, willing and able to do the job that they are lucky enough to have. Me being one of them. Thank you for your time.

  3. Tyrone kellam

    I am a active duty member with 17+ years of service writing on behalf of my father who also served before being denied reenlistment due to medical reasons. He is having a difficult time dealing with the VA and deserves his case to be heard. His condition is sarcoidosis and over the years has affected his liver, skin, and eyes. The VA has only given him 10 percent disability for this condition which has no cure and is service connected. We have all documents to provide and are willing to fight for our Veterans as they were willing to fighting for us and pave the way for me to serve. I would greatly appreciate your help and support in this matter. Thank you for your time


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