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“Polluted by Money”

“How corporate cash corrupted one of the greenest states in America”

This comes from Oregon, but seems to apply sadly well to Delaware. Read it.

Delaware is in critical condition. The Coastal Zone Act effectively repealed/not enforced. Little visible environmental advocacy. A Governor who plainly doesn’t care. The lowest lying state, likely to be largely under water. High levels of poverty and violence.

When I got involved in environmental politics in the 1990s it didn’t seem that advocacy was adequate and effective. Thus Green Delaware. A lot has been accomplished, but, obviously, not nearly enough. Harassment eventually drove me out of the state. Other organizations seem to be fading away. Active people don’t usually stay in Delaware. There isn’t a support system.

The mean elevation of Delaware is 60 feet. Florida and Louisiana are 100 feet. The sea has risen about three inches in the last twenty-five years, about one-eighth inch per year. (Sea level rise varies from place to place for various reasons.) The rate of rise is certain to increase but nobody really knows exactly what will happen. Could Delaware be fenced off from the seas with billions of dollars worth of dikes and seawalls? How would that be paid for? For some more discussion of sea level rise see this.

Could Delaware do better? Could we get the dirty money out of politics? Could we elect more intelligent and thoughtful decision-makers? Could we improve education and health care? Sure we could. But with such a corrupt political system, will we?

Are there any real solutions to global warming and sea level rise? That’s another question.