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Vote Vote Vote…..

I don’t know the author of this, it’s via Susie Brandt, a friend in Delaware:


Final message on voting day! First of all go out and vote! Also when you’re voting keep in mind those who are less fortunate than you or different than you. So for me:
I’m middle class I keep in mind the poor.
I’m an adult I keep in mind children.
I’m a man I keep in mind women.
I’m white I keep in mind people of different skin color.
I’m straight I keep in mind LGBT folks.
I’m human I keep in mind animals.
I’m American I keep in mind people in all parts of the world.
Vote for the candidate who will do the greatest amount of good in the world. We all do better when we all do better.
Go Vote

I’m no longer a Delaware resident–just too much harassment–and voting this morning in Minnesota reminded me of how much better it can be done:

If you are registered, no oppressive requirements for ID.  Give your name, sign the paper, get your paper ballot.  Fill in the circles, put it in the machine which scans it and keeps it as a paper backup.  If there is a problem you can get a new ballot and start over.

If you are not registered, you can do so on the spot with some basic ID such as utility bills.

Before going to vote, you can print out an exact sample ballot from the Secretary of State’s office.

And “Every employee who is eligible to vote in an election has the right to be absent from work for the time necessary to appear at the employee’s polling place, cast a ballot, and return to work on the day of that election, without penalty or deduction from salary or wages because of the absence.”   ( see details here.)

(It’s not that the Republicans aren’t into “voter suppression” in Minnesota; they just haven’t been able to get away with it.  Likewise, they haven’t been able so show any significant about of “voter fraud.”)

Now, compare this with Delaware:  Must register 24 days in advance (Deadline was October 13th), no paper ballots (must trust the machine) and so on.  (Supposedly, new machines withe paper backup are to be ordered.)

And, by the way, people get to vote on retaining judges in Minnesota.  Initial appointments are made by the governor.  Could this be better than the Chamber of Commerce and the corporate bar telling the Governor of Delaware whom to appoint?

Regardless, if you haven’t voted and you are registered, GO AND VOTE.  If you aren’t registered, work for same-day registration before the next election cycle.

And please vote against any candidate even remotely supportive of trump.

Alan Muller
Green Delaware