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Carper isn’t forever. Vote for Kerri Harris

First, some basic info if you aren’t used to voting in Delaware.

Delaware’s 2018 Primary Election is Thursday, September 6, 2018.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m.

A polling place locator and other information is here:

The candidates running in a primary are listed here:
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Rep. John Kowalko’s endorsement of Chris Johnson for Attorney General of Delaware

Over the past few years I’ve found the Delaware DOJ to be unable or unwilling to enforce transparency and FOIA obligations of some state agencies including the executive branch. This unwillingness to investigate or take action in a number of cases even extended to a refusal to conduct a review of the DOJ itself in a critical matter of misappropriation of public funds requested by two state legislators. I discussed these discomforting actions with AG primary candidate Chris Johnson at some length. I evaluated his plans and policy proposals at length and concluded that he was the type of candidate I could endorse. When Mr. Johnson honored my request for a statement of his intentions in dealing with and enforcing good, transparent government and compliance with standards that would reassure the public he sent the following statement to me. Continue reading

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Of voting machines and democracy

[Originally Published in the Delaware State News September 4th, 2018.]

Jennifer Hill, on Aug. 21, makes a compelling case for transparency in the purchase of new voting systems for Delaware. (“Transparency sought in voting machine purpose”)

It’s sadly true that transparency is seldom a prominent feature of Delaware government. “The Delaware Way” tends to closed-door dealmaking and incestuous relationships with vendors. Continue reading