Communicating with Green Delaware, or any other org or movement (some more thoughts)

When Green Delaware got started in the mid-90s, we used email and worried about reaching people who didn’t have it.  We sent out lots of faxes.  We started up a website, now in its 3rd generation as a WordPress blog (

Times have changed.  Everybody is presumed, rightly or not, to have email.  (Our emails go out in about equal proportions to a Yahoo group and to a “Mailchimp” list.)  Fax is long gone.  Sometimes it seems that email is fading out in favor of various ways of “messaging.”

“Social media” is here in spades, facebook and twitter seeming dominant.   We have a facebook page (, a facebook group (, and a Twitter account (@GreenDelaware).  In Facebook World, “pages” are considered to be more for announcements and “groups” are more for interactive discussion.  Do we really need both?

Probably the biggest downside of “social media” is that these are private businesses where there is no right of free speech.  They are run, essentially, to sell advertising.  They can shut you down any time they feel like it.

All these different ways of communicating are excessively time-consuming.  We’d like some feedback on priorities.   You can “like” the facebook page; you can “join” the facebook group; you can “follow” the Twitter account.  You can subscribe to our email list.  You can ignore all this social media and continue to get (fewer) emails. 

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