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Update: Coons issues presser saying he will oppose Pompeo…


CONTACT: Sean Coit at 202-224-5042 or

 Senator Coons announces opposition to Pompeo nomination

Sen. Coons: “I remain concerned that Director Pompeo will embolden, rather than moderate or restrain President Trump’s most belligerent and dangerous instincts.”

WILMINGTON, DE — U.S. Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, announced today that he will oppose CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s nomination to serve as Secretary of State.

“After careful consideration, I have decided that I will oppose CIA Director Mike Pompeo’s nomination to become Secretary of State.”

“While I respect his background of military and public service and am encouraged by his stated commitment to our diplomatic corps, I remain concerned that Director Pompeo will embolden, rather than moderate or restrain, President Trump’s most belligerent and dangerous instincts.”

“I do not make this decision lightly or without reservations.  I am convinced Director Pompeo would be a strong advocate for the career professionals of the State Department and that he would repair some of the damage that vacancies and budget uncertainties have created over the past eighteen months. He is also knowledgeable and clear-eyed about the diplomatic and security challenges we face around the world.”

 “However, I remain concerned that Director Pompeo will not challenge the President in critical moments.  On vital decisions facing our country, Director Pompeo seems less concerned with rule of law and partnership with our allies and more inclined to emphasize unilateral action and the use of force.”

 “Finally, Director Pompeo’s past statements as a Congressman and candidate on a range of issues give me great concern since the role of Secretary of State is in part to speak for all Americans on issues of our shared values to rest of the world.”

 “Given these reasons, I will oppose Director Pompeo’s nomination in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Monday.”

Thanks to all who contacted Coons!

Call Senator Coons ….202-224-5042 to oppose Pompeo

Call Senator Coons ….202-224-5042

“Alan —

Over the past few days, several prominent senators have announced their intention to vote NO on Mike Pompeo’s confirmation [as Secretary of State], including some who voted to confirm him as CIA Director. [This included Klobuchar.]

Citing his anti-Muslim rhetoric and extreme positions on LGBT issues, his stated desire to bomb Iran and a host of other concerns, these senators recognize that Pompeo is simply not suited to serve as our nation’s top diplomat.

Currently, Senator Coons is the only Democratic Senator on the Foreign Relations Committee who hasn’t announced he’ll oppose Pompeo. And his vote is critically important.

If he votes no, Pompeo will NOT receive an endorsement from the committee. In all of American history, no candidate for Secretary of State has ever been confirmed after failing to receive the committee’s endorsement. That’s why we’re asking everyone in Delaware to call Senator Coons to encourage him to vote no. The call will take one minute, and it could make a world of difference.

Call Senator Coons now and tell him to oppose Mike Pompeo’s confirmation.

Then, please ask a friend to call. Ask three friends. Right now, Delaware is the battleground in the fight to stop Pompeo.

J Street”

Coons is one of the worst “Democratic” senators. He betrays us over and over again. See this, for example:

Call Coons: 202-224-5042
Call Coons’ State Director, Jim Paoli, 302.573.6345

Or use this link: