Carper and Coons betray Delaware yet again: Seek to protect “big ag” pollution

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Green Delaware has written many times, over many years, about how poorly Delaware is represented by its “congressional delegation” of two senators and one congressperson.  Whomever has held these positions, of either party, they have rarely sought to represent the human beings who elect them, focusing instead on servicing the special interests so overwhelmingly dominant in Delaware politics.

It would not be easy to cite a more flagrant example than Senators Coons and Carpers’ sponsorship of a bill to exempt “farms” (including giant animal feeding operations, CAFOs) from reporting “releases of hazardous substances from animal waste” and and releases from the “application, handling, and storage of “pesticide products.”  A focus of attention has been two highly toxic and smelly compounds emitted in large amounts from CAFOs: ammonia and hydrogen sulfide.

Read the bill here:   .  S. 2421  Read a gloating press release about it here:

S. 2421 has eight sponsors, 4 “Democrats” and 4 “Republicans,” but only one state, Delaware, has both senators as sponsors.

The ever-malevolent Farm Bureau calls the bill “A breath of fresh air for ag.”  (Time out for a laugh.)

Consider the context:  People in Southern Delaware are experiencing lots of problems from the “big ag”:  air pollution, water pollution, stinks, dust.  Health problems and diminished quality of life are what oversized animal feeding facilities bring.  One might think that Carper and Coons would be introducing legislation to get these problems under control.  But no, they are seeking to reduce what weak protections environmental laws now provide.

Why do Tom Carper and Chris Coons, seem to have no fear that betraying their constituents, however many times, could cost them their seats on the Senate Gravy Train?  Would it be different if we actually had a “two party” system in which both parties competed to show how much they could help the people.  (Time out for laughing).  They don’t fear the voters because they assume that no matter how often they betray us we’ll vote them back in anyway.

Neither Carper nor Coons supports controlling drug prices or providing universal access to health care.  They don’t support phasing out the hydrocarbon fuels that are cooking our planet and promising to put most of Delaware under water.  Instead, they use their power to promote increased refining of fossil fuels at the Delaware City Refinery.  They don;t really oppose trump’s relentless attacks on democracy and governmental integrity.  They vote for increased war spending.  Evil Coons is even a sponsor of S. 720, the “Israel Anti-Boycott Act” that would make it a felony for a “U.S. Person” to support a boycott of Israel.  As The Intercept notes:  “The criminalization of political speech and activism against Israel has become one of the gravest threats to free speech in the West.”


Make your calls and ask that Carper and Coons WITHDRAW their support for S.2421.

Call Coons:  202-224-5042
Call Coons’ State Director, Jim Paoli, 302.573.6345

Call Carper:  202-224-2441
Call Carper’s State Director, Lori James, 302.573.6291

And, call Congressperson Lisa Blunt-Rochester, 202.225.4165.   Ask her NOT to support a House version of S.2421

(Phone calls are generally more effective than emails because some staffer has to take time to deal with them.)

See Green Delaware’s website for updates and more info.

Upcoming:  DNREC’s shrinking staff, poisoned wells, the nightmare of New Castle County, more …..

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