Mon, Jan 8th: Del. holds “listening session” on “Clean Power Plan” repeal.

Action:  Attend hearing or send in comments–details below.

The EPA “Clean Power Plan” (CPP) is a plan to begin limiting global warming emissions from electric generating plants.  It’s not a strong plan and it’s very complicated–filling many hundreds of pages in the Federal Register.  Green Delaware has never been very excited about it, because it doesn’t call for rapid or substantial reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.  But it’s something–a powerful symbolic action if little more.

For background see these two previous Green Delaware posts about the CPP:

DNREC “listening session” on the EPA “Clean Power Plan”–Nov 5, 2014, in Dover, DE

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Here is the official Delaware DNREC page on the CPP.

The Trump administration, as one might expect, wants to repeal the CPP and encourage coal burning, and even speaks of nonexistent “clean coal.”  Background on this official EPA page.

(But bear in mind that the Trumper nonsense being spouted by the EPA is not the fault of the technical professionals in the agency.  It’s the fault of the dopes who voted for Trump.)

In October 2017, the EPA published its official repeal proposal and gave notice of one public hearing in Coal Country, Charleston West Virginia.  ONE!

“The EPA is headed to the heart of coal country to hear from those most impacted by the CPP and get their comments on the proposed Repeal Rule. The agency looks forward to hearing from all interested stakeholders,” said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.

Later on, after lots of complaints, EPA announced three additional “listening sessions.”

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will hold three additional public listening sessions on the proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan in San Francisco, Calif., Gillette, Wyo. and Kansas City, Mo.”

“Due to the overwhelming response to our West Virginia hearing, we are announcing additional opportunities for the public to voice their views to the Agency,” said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. [December 6, 2017]

So far, though, EPA does not seem to have posted the dates and locations of these.  (It’s not clear that “hearing” and “listening session” are exactly the same thing, though the terms are often used interchangeably.)

In any case, the EPA is refusing to hold any “hearing” or “listening sessions” on the East Coast.  So, the State of Delaware is stepping up to the plate:

“The goal of the Clean Power Plan is to reduce carbon pollution from coal-, oil-, and natural gas-burning power plants, all of which have been scientifically-proven as contributing to climate change. As the lowest lying state in the nation, Delaware already is experiencing the detrimental effects of climate change, and both Delaware and the nation will be further impacted by EPA’s proposed repeal of the plan. Because EPA has refused to provide a reasonable venue for Delawareans and others along the East Coast to voice their opinions on the proposed CPP repeal, DNREC has chosen to conduct a listening session enabling that opportunity. The EPA has held a public hearing only in Charleston, W. Va., and though additional hearings are planned for the Midwest and California, none are to take place on the East Coast. Comments from the Delaware public meeting will be submitted in the form of a transcript on behalf of all who speak on the proposed repeal to EPA’s federal docket EPA-HQ-OAR-2017-0355.”

Meeting announcement and agenda here.

Chase Center on the Riverfront
815 Justison St
Wilmington DE 19801

10:00 am Opening Remarks Secretary Garvin
10:15 am Special Guests:
Governor Carney (invited)
Senator Carper (invited)

10:30 am Receive public comments
(The plan is to limit comments to five minutes, depending on how many people show up.)
Contact:  Valerie Gray: 302-739-9402, email

NOTE:   There is no reason why residents of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Maryland should not take advantage of the opportunity.

NOTE ALSO:  There is a Federal comment period open until January 16, 2017.  (The comment period may be extended if additional “listening sessions” are actually held).  Instructions for commenting directly to the EPA are here.

Green Delaware will be submitting comments–to be posted on on Sunday evening.

And, of course, kudos to the DNREC, and especially the Division of Air Quality, for pushing back this way against the Trumper-controlled EPA.

Alan Muller

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