Vote, Vote, Vote (as if it mattered?)

Green Delaware used to publish commentaries on, and sometimes endorsements of, or otherwise, of candidates for public office in Delaware.  The effort no longer seems justified.

It seems fair to note that many of the more capable and environmentally concerned elected officials in Delaware used to be Republicans. There was meaningful political competition. While a few thoughtful Republican officeholders remain, the GOP has tended to become a refuge for extremist nutwads who offer little or no constructive challenge to corporate democrats.

People like Governor Markell, Senators Coons and Carper, and Congressman–soon to be Governor–John Carney are the very model of Democrats in Name Only (DINOs).

At one time it seemed that an influx of new residents in Sussex County might produce a more enlightened politics.  If anything, the opposite seems to be happening.

Likewise, the politics of New Castle County remain a sewer.

What should Delaware voters do in these circumstances?   Damned if I know, except NOT vote for Trump.  But at least, BE A VOTER.

The following piece has some interesting commentary on the emotional distress the present presidential campaign has been producing, as well as some tells-it-like-it-is commentary on the general state of US government and politics.  Painful reading, but worthwhile. I don’t agree with everything Mercola says (he has a big audience) but he reflects the deep alienation that many (Muller included) feel for the corporate democratic establishment ……  and that can go towards Sanders or towards Trump, depending.

“Don’t Panic About Politics — Realize Where Your True Power Lies Instead”

This year’s presidential election is not for the faint of heart. In fact, over the past several months, mental health professionals have noted a significant uptick in anxiety and emotional distress related directly to today’s elections.

In a national poll by a University of Minnesota psychologist, 43 percent of respondents reported emotional stress related to Trump’s campaign, 28 percent were stressed out about Clinton, and 93 percent said this year’s elections are more stressful than any previous election.

The American Psychological Association also reported that 52 percent of American adults found the 2016 election to be a “significant source of stress.”2 As reported by U.S. News in early October” 


Alan Muller is the executive director of Green Delaware.

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