Call Coons/Carper to oppose crude oil exports

Please call Senators Chris Coons and Tom Carper ASAP.

The issue here is that the oil industry wants to abolish the longstanding ban on US crude oil exports, in order to increase production and increase prices, including the prices WE pay for fuels.

This is primarily an initiative of the Republican members of the US House and Senate, following the lead of their owners at the American Petroleum Institute..  As is shamefully common, Delaware’s “Democrat in Name Only” senators Carper and Coons are are among the Dems considered most ready to roll and vote against the public interest.

From Lena Moffitt at the Sierra Club:

“This is an all-hands-on-deck moment.  As we speak, the Senate is brokering an end-of-year deal that includes lifting the current ban on exporting crude oil from the U.S. and we need help to STOP it.

As you all probably know, lifting the ban has become a top priority for the American Petroleum Institute, and thus the Republican leadership. Why? Because in the face of declining US demand for oil, the oil industry needs access to foreign markets if they hope to keep expanding extraction and their growing profits that come with it. Studies estimate that lifting the ban would trigger an increase in US oil production between 500,000 – 3.3 million barrels per day, bringing with it an increase in carbon pollution, drilling impacts, and dangerous oil train traffic. At a time when world leaders are negotiating a global deal to curb carbon pollution, allowing Big Oil to pull more carbon out of the ground for export is the last  thing we need – and Democrats in the Senate need to hear this!

Thus, the action item here is to CALL and EMAIL Coons (listed by the Sierra Club as a “Tier One” likely sellout) And Carper (listed as a Tier Two likely sellout)

The message:  “Oppose any deal that lifts the crude oil export ban.”

Senator Chris Coons DC office:  202.224.5042, Dover office: 302.736.5601.

(Lisa Hummon, Legislative Assistant, .)

Senator Tom Carper:  DC office:  202.224.2441, Wilmington office:  302.573.6291, Dover office: 302.674.3308, Georgetown office:  302.856.7690

(Laura Haynes, Senior Policy Advisor for Energy and Environment,

Link to a background article in Politico.

Another example of what “our” Senators do when not watched closely enough:

“Carper, Coons, betray Delaware yet again � vote for tar sands oil pipeline;”

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