The bad state of Delaware’s air

This information comes mainly from the EPA Airnow website:

December 2014 16 days Code Yellow, 1 day Code Orange

January 2015 16 days Code Yellow, 1 day Code Orange

February 2015 19 days Code Yellow

March 2015 12 days Code Yellow, 1 day Code Orange (up to March15th)

The forecast for March 17, 2015, is Code Yellow.  As of now, the forecast for the 18th and 19th are Code Green.

What this means is that in these four winter months, Delaware air didn’t meet federal standards (National Ambient Air Quality Standards) more than half the time.

For some discussion of what this means see this previous Green Delaware post on air quality.

Sometimes the whole state was Code Yellow or worse.  Sometimes only a fraction of the state.  Sometimes only parts of Sussex County were polluted, sometimes, more often, only Northern parts of Delaware were Code Yellow or worse.  If you are curious, a map and data for each date can be pulled up on the Airnow site.

All this is attention-getting because air pollution is usually more severe in the summer.  Large numbers of bad air days have not usually happened in winter.

The Delaware General Assembly will be back in session on March 17th.  Will any attention be given to cleaning up our air?  Or will the House and Senate be working to gut the Delaware Coastal Zone Act and otherwise grease the skids for more air polluters?

Have an opinion?  Let your state Senator and Representative know.  Contact information here and here.


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