Chicken waste plant Coastal Zone Permit–Green Delaware’s comments

In an earlier post we promised these comments last week.  Apologies for the delay.  The matter is complex for us because it involves not only the merits of the “Green Recovery Technologies” application itself, but the manner in which enforcement of the Coastal Zone Act has been largely rendered (notice pun) into a farce.

Our comments are in the record.  We concluded that

“Green Delaware does not oppose further processing of wastewater treatment sludge from poultry slaughtering operations. It is possible that such could be desirable.  But the GRT application has innumerable fatal defects. The DNREC should deny the requested CZA permit.” 

The official comment period has closed, but we still suggest that if you agree with our comments, or have comments of your own, you send your views to the DNREC, to the Governor and your state Senator and Representative. (Hearing Officer) (Head of the DNREC)

Contact information for Delaware legislators (Thanks to the League of Women Voters)

(Per usual, Green Delaware appreciates a copy of your comments.)

One thing after another

These days Delaware is facing an unusually large number of environmental threats.  Aside from the overarching concern for climate change, promising literally to put much of Delaware under water, we are looking at a proposed new nuclear reactor at Artificial Island, a new power line hung up over the river, a new port scheme in New Castle, natural gas processing and export facilities, expansion of the Delaware City Refinery, a giant chicken killing plant near MIllsboro, and, of course, the chicken waste plant–“Green Recovery Technologies.  Plus more.  All are being promoted as for “jobs.” The future of Delaware will be greatly influenced  by how these matters play out and most are tied to enforcement, or not, of the Coastal Zone Act.

We are working on a piece about Governor Russ Peterson and the Coastal Zone Act.  It’s worth nothing that when this was passed in 1971, the Governor and the leadership of both the Delaware Senate and House of Representatives were Republican.  These days it seems hard to find vision or responsible leadership from either major party in Delaware.  Where did that vision and leadership go?  (Driven off the plantation!)

Many will remember that not so many years ago, Delaware was fighting the “Crown Landing” gas export terminal in Logan Township, New Jersey.  We were told that the country would run out of gas without greatly increased imports.  Our heating bills would soar….  Then DNREC Secretary John Hughes stepped up to the plate, Delaware denied a permit, and the matter went to the US Supreme Court with Delaware prevailing.   Now, of course, we are being told that the US needs to EXPORT natural gas.  The purpose of this is to increase domestic gas prices, thus increasing profits for gas/oil interests.  There is no public benefit unless you agree that higher fuel costs are desirable. (Which perhaps they are, from the standpoint of encouraging conservation.)

Keystone XL pipeline vote this week

Senator Tom Carper: DC office: 202.224.2441, Wilmington office: 302.573.6291, Dover office: 302.674.3308, Georgetown office: 302.856.7690
(Laura Haynes, Senior Policy Advisor for Energy and Environment,

It would also be a good idea to contact Coons’ operation to reinforce his “no” vote on Keystone:

Senator Chris Coons: DC office: 202.224.5042, Dover office: 302.736.5601.
(Lisa Hummon, Legislative Assistant, .)


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