Time-critical action alerts: Stinker and a stinker

First, the old reliable stinker, alias Senator Tom Carper.

 The fate of the Keystone XL pipeline has become a fight of great substantive and symbolic significance to those concerned about climate change.  And, as we keep writing, Delaware is the lowest lying US state and mega-vulnerable to the effects of global warming–especially sea level rise.  Thus, Delaware pols should be leaders in the effort to limit climate change.  Obviously most are not.  Especially, Tom Carper isn’t.

Last year we reported

“On March 22, 2013, [Delaware Senators] Coons and Carper disgraced themselves and mocked the interests of Delaware by joining 15 other “Democratic” senators in voting to support the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline.”

This week there is another crucial vote on the pipeline.  Coons, this time around, has suggested he will not vote for it.  Carper, on the other hand has announced his intention to vote FOR the pipeline.  Politico reports:

Carper “believes it is time to set politics aside and move forward in a bipartisan manner to address this complicated question,” his spokeswoman said. “He is hopeful that moving forward with this bipartisan bill will pave the way for Congress to work together on other measures to increase our energy independence while also addressing the real environmental and public health threats we face from greenhouse gas pollution.”

Carper has a horrible history as a near-total servant of special interests.  Relatively few Delawareans know this because Carper is a skillful and hard working politician and very good at bullshitting constituents and the media.

If you care about this issue, now is the time to call Carper:

Senator Tom Carper: DC office:  202.224.2441, Wilmington office:  302.573.6291, Dover office: 302.674.3308, Georgetown office:  302.856.7690
(Laura Haynes, Senior Policy Advisor for Energy and Environment, laura_haynes@carper.senate.gov.)

It would also be a good idea to contact Coons’ operation to reinforce his “no” vote on Keystone:

Senator Chris Coons:  DC office:  202.224.5042, Dover office: 302.736.5601.
(Lisa Hummon, Legislative Assistant, lisa_hummon@coons.senate.gov .)

Now, the new potential big stinker:  “Green Recovery Technologies.”

Reminder:  The official public comment period on the GRT Coastal Zone permit application closes at 4:30 tomorrow, Friday, November 14th.  Green Delaware and others have asked for this to be extended but the DNREC has so far refused.  Comments go to:  Lisa.Vest@state.de.us (Please ultram send a copy to Green Delaware.)

In recent years Delaware has not really been enforcing the Coastal Zone Act in a meaningful way.

Green Delaware’s comments will be available around noon on Friday.  Meanwhile, we suggest you check out the comments of the Delaware Audubon Society.  Delaware Audubon President Mark Martell is a businessman with a good understanding of how to check out ventures such as “The Data Center” and “Green Recovery Technologies.”  His findings are not supportive of giving a permit to this operation:

1) This company appears to have been given a green light by Delaware’s government in some form or fashion, in advance of their seeking a Coastal Zone Permit. This is nothing short of egregious if accurate and true, and if not accurate, highly questionable. 
2) The principals of this company represent angel investors that are taking significant precautions to hedge their losses in the event this start up fails for one reason or another.
3) The principals of this company have had exposure to other non-related business failings that bear consideration before extending a Coastal Zone Operating permit.
4) The business has stated that they have no logistical reason to be close to the Delaware River in terms of refuse management or water considerations, so our recommendation would be relocation outside of the Coastal Zone to where the company is currently headquartered in Greenville.
5) The citizens of New Castle have suffered through historical DNREC and DEDO gambles for companies that purport to be green while their waste products and business processes result in tremendous amounts of odor they have been forced to bear. 

Green Delaware intends to endorse the Audubon comments and we suggest you do, also.  At the very least, send an email to Lisa.Vest@state.de.us opposing a Coastal Zone Act permit for “Green Recovery Technologies.”

Again, Green Delaware’s comments will be available in a few hours.


Alan Muller

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