Help stop the big stink….

2-stinky1448 Many know that a public hearing was held on August 28, about the continued operation of the Peninsula Composting facility in South Wilmington.  This facility has been causing major odor problems and many elected officials, including the Mayor of Wilmington, the New Castle County Executive, and members of the Delaware General Assembly, called for Peninsula Composting to be shut down.  Surrounding communities apparently regret the “Community Benefits Agreement” they signed and want the facility closed.

Green Delaware has some history with composting in general and Peninsula Composting in particular.  Composting–unlike, say, incineration–is in general a desirable way to manage some wastes.  But, the devil is in the details and every proposal needs to be considered on it’s own merits.  It was easy to predict problems with Peninsula Composting and we did.

In the past few days we have studied the track record of Peninsula Composting–to the extent the State has been willing and able to provide it–and have talked with various players.  We’ve been trying to determine whether the facility could be operated without causing a nuisance.  We have concluded that the chance of this happening is low; if Peninsula Composting stays in operation people will continue to be stunk out of their homes.  Therefore, the facility needs to be shut down.

Your voice is needed.  September 10th is the last official day for public comments–but send them late if necessary.  (We’ve been waiting for more info but time is running out.) Please send comments to:
Bob Haynes, Hearing Officer <>, Dave Small, DNREC Secretary <>, Governor Jack Markell <>, the EPA <>, your state Senator and Representative, and please copy Green Delaware <>.

Here are the comments Green Delaware submitted.  We want the public comment period extended and the facility shut down.  Feel free to use them as a resource, or, you can just say you agree with the Green Delaware’s comments.  A blog post–in progress–with more information is here.

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