Details on oil trains running through Minnesota on their way to Delaware and other places

The linked reports were provided to the State of Minnesota pursuant to an order from the US Department of Transportation.   The state was very reluctant to release the info but eventually did under pressure.  Newspaper articleMinnesota crossed by 50 oil trains a week.”

Notice how VERY anxious the railroads seem to prevent this information from being released to the public.

My understanding is that Delaware is still refusing to release the same information.

Of course, the oil trains originate in North Dakota, run Eastward through Minnesota and other states, and a substantial amount is unloaded near the Delaware City Refinery.

The info provided is vague and general, giving little but the number of oil trains per month passing through individual counties, and does not include oil trains coming from Canada or any place other than the “Baaken Region.”  Still, it is more than we knew before.  Are the numbers accurate?  Don’t know.

More on this upcoming.

Also interesting that the safety info provided includes these statements:

“Hazardous Decomposition Products:  Not well defined, may include toxic constituents….”

“Unusual Hazards:  Properties uncertain.”

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