Urgent Action Alert: Preserve public access to the “Public Service Commission”

Most people know that Delmarva Power and other utilities are reaching deeper and deeper into our pockets with less and less justification.  Heat and electricity are becoming less and less affordable, though wholesale costs are low.  Of course, the main goal of the management of Delmarva Power is to maximize profits for stockholders.

Standing against this are Representatives John Kowalko and Ed Osienski.

Now, and not for the first time, Delaware’s “Public Advocate,” Dave Bonar, is OPPOSING the request of Kowalko and Osienski to “intervene” in an important Public Service Commission (PSC) docket.  The “Public Advocate,” represented by the office of Attorney General Beau Biden, offers no legal or factual basis for the effort to keep the two elected officials out.

Kowalko chairs the House Energy Committee.

Bonar seems to be saying he opposes all interventions and wants to be the gatekeeper/utility protector.  Attorney General Beau Biden seems fully on board with this evil approach.

Background information:

“Public Advocate’s” objection to the intervention.

Green Delaware’s response comments

Other correspondence posted on Nancy Willing’s Delaware Way blog

Agenda for the Feb 6th Public Service Commission meeting.  Note that, per usual, there are several Delmarva Power ripoff items on the agenda.

Black Hat Jack is at it again….this time it’s keeping the “public” out of the “Public Service Commission” (This post is a work in progress.)

What to do:

Contact Dave Bonar, “Public Advocate;”  Ask him to withdraw his objections to the intervention of Kowalko and Osienski.  302.857.3660,  public.advocate@state.de.us

Contact Governor Jack Markell (The “Public Advocate” serves at the pleasure of the Governor): Ask him to SUPPORT, not OPPOSE, public participation in PSC proceedings.

jack.markell@state.de.us, 302.577.3210

Ask the Public Service Commission to GRANT the Petition to Intervene: robert.howatt@state.de.us, 302.736.7500

Ask Attorney General Beau Biden to STOP supporting the “Public Advocate’s” opposition to public participation:  Attorney.General@State.DE.US, 302.577.8400

Attend the Public Service Commission meeting on Thursday, Feb 6, 2014, 1:00 at 861 Silver Lake Boulevard, Cannon Building, Suite 100, Dover, Delaware 19904.  Directions and map here.

Contact YOUR state senator and representative.  As them, and the General Assembly as a whole, to support the intervention and the public interest.  See They Represent You for contact information.

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