Occupy Delaware offers some hope. March Saturday in Wilmington

"Occupy Delaware is like every other occupation group in America: fed up, mad as hell and just not gonna take it anymore."

"The People’s March" on Saturday, November 12th at noon in Spencer Plaza in Wilmington, DE. Let YOUR voice be heard and support free speech. The plan is to march from Spencer Plaza to Rodney Square and back to Spencer again.

We’d like to hear your thoughts.   Here are some from Alan Muller:

Over the last years one organization or voice after another has been silenced, or worse, in Delaware.  Delaware ACLU (may be coming back to life a bit after a dark period).  Common CauseThe Civic League for New Castle County….  Many of these exist only as shells, without direction or influence, contributing to the form, but not the substance, of public participation in government.

Age and fatigue have been silencing an earlier generation of activists, with their successors not obviously in the pipeline.

The already weak, corporate-dominated media essentially went dark, symbolized, maybe, by the end of meaningful news reporting by the WILM and WDEL am radio stations and the lack of even a single community radio station doing news in the state.

The Evil Right, funded by the likes of the Koch brothers and personified by Pete DuPont, John Sweeney, John Taylor, and the minions of the Caesar Rodney Institute, became louder and louder, the rhetoric countered not at all by the pathetic, whining stupidity of the "Progressive Democrats for Delaware." 

These right-wing reactionary interests have effectively framed the arguments, and effectively targeted the pressure points, the opinion-forming places, of society, such as schools, the media, and churches.  They have packed peoples’ heads with the notion that government is inherently the enemy.  In reality, at least from an old-fart liberal’s point of view, government is the only real defense against the power of corporations and the big-money interests.

Delaware’s corporate-controlled "environmental community" ceased to be even the bad joke it has been for years.  A good example is the lack of objection as the mega-dirty Delaware City Refinery was reopened, and worse, reopened with public funding.

The political culture of Delaware seemed to become that of Comcast, one of the most flagrantly evil US corporations.  Nominally a Democrat, Gov. Jack Markell’s policies are right out of the extreme-right playbook:  lower taxes on the rich, raise them on the poor, encourage robber-baron capitalists to plunder and pollute what remains of Delaware, reinforce Delaware’s parasitic role as a safe harbor for global business misconduct….  He’s smooth, clever and nuanced about it.

Life has been getting harder and harder for most people in Delaware, with nothing done to stop, for example, a flood of foreclosures brought on far less by individual irresponsibility than by the orchestrated scumbaggery of banks.

One of Delaware’s most disgusting pols, Chris "Cockroach" Coons, got elected to the US Senate, where he will probably stay as a water-poisoner for a long time.  Coons’ for example, has been a major supporter of Internet censorship legislation.

Almost the only responsive voice among elected officials has been that of Representative John Kowalko.

The misdeeds and collapse of the Obama administration removed a source of hope many had clung to, and made people around the world fear for the basic stability and rationality of the USA.  How could reasonable, informed citizens have elected the people now running the US Congress?  The world wonders …

It all, for me, became too ugly to tolerate on a full-time basis.

But human affairs are to a certain extent cyclical.  When the stink becomes bad enough, some people wake up.  And most important, people can rise collectively to a level they can’t reach individually.

Enter the "occupy" movement and, in particular, Occupy Delaware. 

I say, never mind that the goals aren’t worked out in detail. 

Never mind that many of the people and orgs involved have unimpressive track records.  (Some have been cheerleading as Green Delaware people have been harassed and arrested for doing what they want to do now–a little free speech in public places.)

Never mind that, if you are a young American, you probably have no experience in your life of functioning democracy–unless you are an immigrant from Spain, or Taiwan, or a Nordic country, or many other places.

The point is that *something* is happening in response to the comprehensive evils of these times.  One can hope that the pendulum is beginning to swing.  One can do more than hope, one can help.

What are the Occupiers really asking for?  The right to shiver in tents in public spaces as winter closes in!  Doesn’t seem like much, does it?  It isn’t much.  But power yields NOTHING without a fight. 

Even "progressive" pols like the mayor of Oakland, California, tend to panic and send in cops and soldiers to thump heads and arrest when people threaten to make themselves heard.  On Veterans Day, Read about Douglas MacArthur and Hooverville.

(Also, for Veterans Day, see http://www.veteransforpeace.org and Veterans Day’s Hidden History.)

The likes of Wilmington Mayor "Bully" Baker and Dealer-in-Chief Markell aren’t going to yield anything significant unless the Occupiers stand firm.  They are going to need courage and mass public support to make progress.  They are going to have face down Markell, who controls a substantial police-state apparatus supposedly created to fight "terrorism."  Can they do it?  Do you think you have a stake in this, dear reader?

I say, if you care about the future, get off your ass and help!  Links below.

Alan Muller

Occupy Delaware March for Veterans
Friday, November 11th
11 am
Spencer Plaza
800 N. French Street Wilmington, DE

Join Occupy Delaware for

"The People�s March" on Saturday, November 12th at noon in Spencer Plaza in Wilmington, DE. Let YOUR voice be heard and support free speech. The plan is to march from Spencer Plaza to Rodney Square and back to Spencer again.



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