“Medical providers are needed for the last week of July!”

Hello friends and colleagues,

The Haiti Family Initiative (HFI) is in the final stage of preparing the 2011 Wellness Summer Camp in Jacmel.  Last year, almost 100 volunteers, primarily Delawareans, participated in the camp which was attended by about 150 homeless children and their mothers living in the tent city daily. The camp provided them with water, a nutritious lunch, art and craft, games, stress relief and, happiness.  We also had a socio-psychosocial program to help the women overcome emotional issues following their losses and a medical clinic that treated hundreds of patients weekly.

This year summer camp is scheduled to start on July 9. it will run from Saturday to Saturday for at least 3 weeks. Based on the number of volunteers, HFI hope to be able to extend into August. Additional planned programs for this year include personal hygiene training and teaching sustainable work skills (see PDF file above).

As in last year, a medical clinic will be set at the site of the camp. Last year, the medical teams were very http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/anti-fungal/ busy. They helped patients presented with a variety of medical problems such as Ob/gyn diseases, heart problems, high blood pressure, skin rushes, malnutrition and other ailments. They have seen a hundred to two hundred patients daily. 

We need volunteers; medical providers (physicians, nurses, PA, etc), teachers, social workers, people who have experience working with youth and, simply good-heart people who would like to help. At this point,

we do not have physicians for the last week of July and beyond. Please try to help and share this request with friends and colleagues.

Be aware that CCHS allows two weeks of paid administrative leave to volunteering employees and covers the cost of immunization.

For more information about HFI and last summer camp, please open www.haitifamilyinitiative.org.

PS please open the New Journal article from June 25, 2011. DelawareOnline.com, go to:

Thanks, Nadiv

Nadiv Shapira, MD
302 561 4202

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