“Air Quality Action Day for Friday 12/31/10”


We try to pass on notices of bad air quality.  This is the first one we recall on New Years Eve.  Hopefully it is not an indication of what we are in for in 2011.  The following is the–unedited–notice from the State of Delaware.

Alan Muller

Code Orange Levels of Particulate Matter Forecasted for Friday, December 31st

An Air Quality Action Day  is called for tomorrow, Friday, December 31st
Fine particle concentrations are in the Code Orange range today in Wilmington and poor air conditions will carry over into Friday. 
The main ingredients remain the same: Limited vertical mixing, particularly in areas still covered with snow, weak winds due to high pressure overhead, and increasing humidity favoring particle formation processes. 
Making matters worse, we will begin Friday with a significant carry over of pollutants http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/hair-loss/ from today and we will end the day with fireworks smoke.
As winds will become southwest during the day Friday, the highest concentrations will again be across northern Delaware.
For more information about the air quality alerts and what you can do to reduce air pollution, check out the following website:
A Code Orange air quality forecast for ozone or particulate matter is a level of pollution that can be unhealthy for sensitive groups, such as young children, the elderly, and those with heart and/or respiratory conditions. Such persons should limit outdoor activities, especially those that require a high level of exertion.
Any health related questions should be directed to the Division of Public Health at 302-739-6619. All other questions should be directed to the Division of Air Quality at 302-739-9402 during regular business hours.

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