Election Day in Delaware–Nov 2, 2010

Hi  I’m a Tea Partier

Some have asked for Green Delaware’s views on the upcoming election…..

Take a look at the numbers in this story and make a resolution to vote tomorrow:  Gallup poll points to GOP rout .   Is this for real?  Can Obama and the Democrats have screwed up so badly?

Over the years Green Delaware has sent questionnaires to candidates, offered formal and informal endorsements, and otherwise tried to make health and environmental issues a factor in Delaware campaigns.  I am not sure what difference it has made, but we have learned a lot:

There are two key struggles in the USA today (1) Will we act to curtail global warming, so as not to fry ourselves, and (2) Will the US be run for the benefit of the people who live here, or for the benefit of corporations and other artificial business entities?  So far we are losing both those battles, and the situation in Delaware has deteriorated greatly since the election of Jack Markell as governor.

The only thing that really matters about a candidate is what interests he or she represents.  Mainly, will she try to help the people who elected her, or will she be a stooge of the corporations? 

Party, personality, occupation, age, appearance, etc, really matters very little by comparison.

This, the question of interests represented, is exactly what most Delaware media avoids providing information about, leaving people with little to go on and discouraging voting.

I think our democracy is in extremis mostly because people have become disconnected from this basic question.  They’ve allowed themselves to get distracted from what matters, so they often vote against their own interests.  They vote for people who export their jobs, take away their civil liberties, deprive them of medical care, expose them to pollutants, increase their taxes while reducing services, and so on.

Delaware is being watched and laughed at all over the world because of one person:  Christine O’Donnell.  She’s a crank.  She doesn’t know or care anything about solving our real problems, she rants about witchcraft, masturbation, the evils of "government…."  How’d she take down Mike Castle, one of Delaware’s most durable pols?  The Tea Party people, full of misguided but probably sincere energy and enthusiasm, did it.  They are mostly fools, dupes … but their operation is funded and run by the richest people and corporations in the world, who know exactly what they are doing–making themselves richer and more powerful at the expense of everybody else.  Their "fact-free politics," as former President Bill Clinton has called it, has got Obama, and Democrats generally, and the remaining sane and reasonable Republicans, on the run.

As far as I know, few in Delaware expect O’Donnell to win, as opposed to Mike Castle, who probably would have.  But that brings us to this reality:  Chris Coons, who will win, is just as much a servant of injustice and corporate power as O’Donnell.  Don’t feel comfortable with this view?  Take a look at his record as New Castle County Executive!

In fact, this article mentions two Tea Party races.  Tiny Delaware is the only state honored with two such dishonorable mentions.

Christine O’Donnell: The Tea Party-and-Republican http://healthsavy.com/product/nexium/ candidate for senator from Delaware believes she was cleared to read secret classified documents about China because she’s been working for Non-Profit Organizations for the past fifteen years. She also believes China is plotting to take over the United States and the first evidence of this is that "China is drilling (for oil) off the coast of Florida." She threatened to sue a Delaware radio station if it did not destroy the videotape of her interview there.When she did not like a question, she snapped her fingers at her own press aide then shoved him. The campaign manager threatened to "crush" the station if it did not comply.

Glenn Urqunart: The Tea Party-and-Republican candidate to be the only congressman in Delaware, believes, according to [MSNBC Countdown host Keith] Olbermann, there is no problem that abortion can’t make worse and quoted Urqunart as saying, "I know good friends who are the product of rape" and believes the phrase "separation of church and state’ was not said by Thomas Jefferson–he thinks it was Hitler.

Urqunart is running against former Lt. Governor John Carney, whose political career doesn’t seem to be going very smoothly.  If the emails and robocalls I’m getting are indicative, this race may be "in play."

Yep folks, that’s where we are at.  We elected Jack Markell as a Democrat and found we’d gotten a Republican.  Coons, I say to you, differs mostly in style, not much in substance, from O’Donnell.  More on this in the post: The nutwad vs. the cockroach �  It’s interesting, though, that the Tea Party people would not likely go after Coons for abuse of citizens, as they don’t really believe in rights for humans.  If they did, they’d be cranked up about Obama’s war in Afghanistan, the PATRIOT act, torture and assassination, etc.  They really believe in rights for coal and chemical and insurance companies.

The Tea Party is a reaction to the baby steps in the right direction taken in Washington.  Make no mistake, they are baby steps.  But there is improvement over the Bush administration.  The Environmental Protection Agency is doing a little better, as are some other Federal regulatory agencies.  It’s enough to enrage right-wing billionaires and motivate the likes of BP and DuPont. The Evil Chamber has gotten some well-deserved attention. 

But it’s not nearly enough to energize people who’ve long since ceased to expect much from Washington, and aren’t much impressed by what Obama has delivered.

Delaware candidates for the Nov 2nd election are listed here.

Do you know what districts you are in?  Do you know where to vote?  Are you registered?  Unlike some states where you can register on election day, if you aren’t registered now, you can’t vote on the 2nd.  But if you are, the Department of Elections—Polling Place Locator will tell you what districts you are in and where to vote.

Does your Representative represent you?

Some do, some don’t. 

Consider the 25th Representative District (Newark).  Incumbent John Kowalko works night and day to help his constituents.  He chairs the House Energy Committee and digs into very-complicated energy policy issues.  He’s an "intervenor" in a "Public" Service Commission rate case in which Delmarva Power seeks to increase gas rates even though the wholesale price of gas has dropped greatly.  He digs into environmental issues.  He’s tried hard to cut the high rate of unjust and unnecessary home foreclosures in Delaware. He’d be a credit to any legislative body fortunate enough to have him.

Consider, on the other hand, the sad state of the 6th Representative District, lying north of Wilmington along the Delaware River.  This district is loaded with many of Delaware’s worst polluters, including the DuPont Edge Moor plant, long one of the worst dioxin emitters in the world and the source of the notorious "Dioxin Pile."  The 6th district was represented for many years by Dave Ennis, who always seemed to side with DuPont.  Ennis ran for Insurance Commissioner, lost, and soon went to work as a lobbyist for an insurance company.  He was replaced by Diana McWilliams, who had been an intern at the DNREC and connived with that agency and DuPont to keep the Dioxin Pile in her district.  McWilliams left the state without much notice and was replaced in a special election by Tom Kovach, who actually works for the law firm of Mike Parkowski, who put together the scheme to help keep the Dioxin Pile in the district.  Kovach has an opponent in this election, but we don’t know anything about her.


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