The nutwad vs. the cockroach …

(Personal comments)

After making a fool myself supporting Jack Markell, who turned out to be a right-winger– I ought to have expected–resolved not to express opinions about Delaware political campaigns.  (Green Delaware as an organization didn’t endorse Markell.)

But here are the results in the Republican senatorial primary, with all districts reporting:

Castle          46.9 percent

O’Donnell    53.1 percent

O’Donnell, whose views are generally in the nutwad category, took down one of the most durable pols in Delaware.  Castle has been in the General Assembly, he’s been Governor for two terms, he was running for his 8th term as Delaware’s lone congressman.

I have no real patience with Castle–he’s been around too long, he consistently supported the evils of the Bush administration, he’s been the loyal servant of banks, insurance companies, big pharma, and polluters.  But there doesn’t seem to be much if any personal malice in Castle, and he’s successfully positioned himself as a “moderate” (ie, not like Christine O’Donnell.  Once in a while he’s distinguished himself with a bit of independence. He’s not involved in any personal scandals that I know of.

The Tea Party took him out with a nutwad.  I don’t know anything, really, about O’Donnell’s personal qualities, but her views are divorced from reality.  She’s for policies that will accelerate the deterioration of our state and country.  There’s really no merit to her views.  How could such a seemingly weak candidate win?

Lets look at the other side:  The Democratic candidate is Chris Coons.  Coons, as I’ve written more than once, is a cockroach.  His term as New Castle County Executive has been marked by harassment of citizens and servility to developers and polluters.  He does a good-cop/bad-cop shuffle with Council President Paul Clark, but the two represent the same interests.

In spite of this, he was endorsed by the “Progressive Democrats for Delaware.”  (The site is years out of date.)  Our sources tell us that the endorsement was based on his responses to a questionnaire on “federal” issues, but the PD’s wouldn’t release the questionnaire to us.  The Progressive Dems didn’t bother to check into his actual performance in office.

The scary thing about this is that Castle would probably have beaten Coons.  (I would have voted for him over Coons.)  But against O’Donnell, Coons will probably win.  Barf.

It seems to me that neither side, in the public sense, can recognize where their own interests lie; they can’t tell their friends from their enemies.

The Tea Party anger is directed at the people who are trying to solve, in a bumbling way, the problems they are complaining about.  They seem, really, to be dupes of insurance, oil, banking, etc, interests.  Beyond doubt, the interests behind the Tea Party know what they are doing and are doing it with remarkable effectiveness.

On the other hand, the “Progressive Dems” couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time.  They mean well, some of them, but the cockroaches are laughing all the way to the Senate.

Could it be that a certain level of information and intelligence is required to operate a democratic government, and we’ve lost it?

“No.  I look at the senators and pray for the country.”
Edward Everett Hale, Chaplain, US Senate 1903-1909
(when asked whether he prayed for the senators)

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