Tell Mike Castle: no more war funding. Possible vote TODAY

Tell Mike Castle no more funding for Afghan war–call 202.225.4165 (Castle’s Washington office) now, or email him

This is a slightly edited Alert from CODE PINK — Women for Peace.  If you agree that the war in Afghanistan needs to stop, this is a time and an opportunity to speak out.

If you are wondering if this Alert is appropriate from Green Delaware, consider that Congress has approved $345 billion so far for the war in Afghanistan and Obama is asking for 33 billion more this week.  The current cost of the war–not including future liabilities–approximates one billion dollars a week.  Meanwhile, Delaware is polluted from one end to the other.  Delaware’s congressional delegation (Carper, Castle, and Biden/Kaufman) have consistently voted for war while doing little for Delaware other than favors for the big corporations polluting the state.  The National Priorities Project Costofwar site estimates the cost of the Afgan war to Delaware (so far) as over $1.7 billion.

Alan Muller

July 26, 2010

Not since the Pentagon Papers have the inner workings of war been exposed to the public in such an explosive fashion as with the WikiLeaks’ revelations on the Afghan war. Last night we talked to Daniel Ellsberg, who made public the Pentagon Papers that helped end the war in Vietnam. He said:

"Wikileaks has given us a picture of the this war that shows a total replay, as in Vietnam, of a corrupt, incompetent set of allies whose main merit is a willingness to be paid by Congress and be supported by the drug trade. We are clearly mired in an escalating stalemate. The troop increase Obama has requested will make no difference.

I admire the courage of Bradley Manning for sacrificing himself to make the public aware of the futility of this war. Let us make sure his sacrifice is not in vain by using these revelations to force Congress to stop funding this war."

The "leak" comes precisely during the week that Congress will be voting on another $33 billion for war. Thanks to your calls, Congressional visits and determination this past month, the Administration has not been able to get the quick vote on the war funding they requested. Your efforts have had an impact; now we have to open the floodgates of opposition and drown the funding that would send more of our soldiers to die in vain.

To fuel your passion for these calls, here’s the link to the section on civilian casualties , including incidents like the gunner at a roadblock who killed a 14-year-old girl and wounded a toddler or the Marine air strike that left seven children dead. You can also read our WikiLeak talking points here!

[]  Call 888-493-5443 (capital switchboard) or 202.225.4165 (Castle’s Washington office) now., or email him.  Tell Mike Castle that the WikiLeaks’ documents confirm that this war is immoral and unwinnable.

Whether we succeed in blocking the war funding or not, we’ll be able to clearly identify Congressional war enablers and war opponents, so we can punish and reward them when they’re home for August and at the polls in November.

Note that Castle is running for the US Senate against evil Democratic candidate Chris Coons.  Normally, he’s guaranteed reelection to the House and doesn’t need to pay attention to what Delawarean’s think.  Will he be more sensitive now?

Thank you for turning this leak into a tsunami of anti-war pressure,
Bonnie, Dana, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Joan, Jodie, Medea, Nancy, Rae, and Victoria


Tell Castle that the WikiLeaks’ documents confirm that this war is immoral and unwinnable.

More from The Pen (People’s Email Network):

In the wake of 90,000 leaked documents finally exposing the truth of how completely misguided the occupation of Afghanistan is, and how badly it’s really going, the New York Times is reporting that

"In Congress, House leaders were rushing to hold a vote on a critical war-financing bill as early as Tuesday, fearing that the disclosures could stoke Democratic opposition to the measure."

Stop The Afghanistan War Funding Action Page:

The truth WOULD tend to put a crimp in continuing hideously bad policy, so of course they want to rush to extend the bad policy even more, before even more truth comes out. Well, we the people have our own urgent message for Congress. Stop it. Stop it cold. Stop it now. Or don’t count on being in office after the next election.

If there were a law requiring truth in political advertising, all those politicians shouting, "Support our troops" would be shouting "Support our war profiteers" instead. The ongoing occupation of Afghanistan is not the biggest gift to those recruiting terrorists to attack Americans all over the world. No, Iraq is the biggest gift in that regard, but Afghanistan is a close second.

It’s over. It’s beyond redemption. The only justification for going into Afghanistan in the first place was to get Osama bin Laden. They failed to do that. That means the mission was a TOTAL failure. It was a lost cause 9 years and a trillion dollars ago. And parking hundreds of thousands of our troops there for a hundred years, like ducks in an IED shooting gallery, will not change that reality.

We have generated so much hatred against America after a decade of collateral genocide in the Middle East, that if Osama bin Laden was the starting center of the Karachi Jihadists basketball team, nobody would breathe a word of it for a thousand miles. That’s just how bad it is.

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