Delaware Air Quality Forecast, Valid Friday, June 11 (Code Yellow)

Look at this site which overlays the PB oil spill on Delaware or wherever else you want.

A piece of good news:  Senate Joint Resolution 26, to weaken EPA enforcement of the Clean Air Act, which we mentioned in yesterday’s weather email, failed in the Senate today.  There were 47 yeas and 53 nays.

A significant report from Mass. drives another nail into the "biomass" coffin:  " Mass. study: Wood power worse polluter than coal"

Looks like Saturday will be Code Yellow or Code Orange.


Alan Muller


State of Delaware Air Quality Forecast for:
Friday, June 11, 2010

(New Castle County including City of Wilmington)

Fine Particles (PM2.5): CODE YELLOW (MODERATE)


(Kent and Sussex Counties including City of Dover)

Fine Particles (PM2.5): CODE GREEN (GOOD)



A drier air mass tomorrow along with temperatures barely reaching
80s F will keep pollutant concentrations lower. Good vertical
mixing and onshore flow created by high pressure will allow ozone
and PM concentrations to stay within the good range.

Saturday is a concern as temperatures rise and high pressure moves
off the coast. However, breezy southerly winds should keep Saturday’s air quality within the moderate range. Temperatures will reach the 90s F on Sunday and depending on the timing of convection, Code Orange air quality is possible.


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