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The Committee of Chronic Violators ….

Note:  This post dates from 2002.  This update is inserted 12 years later, on Nov. 24, 2014. 

Some of the organizations who behaved so badly in this episode might be represented by better people these days, notably Audubon and Sierra, but the general pattern of servility to industrial interests, and wanting to be accepted insiders at any costs, hasn’t changed much if at all.  The Mid-Atlantic Environmental Law Center is no more, Lyman Welch, an honorable guy, is working in Chicago, and Bob Whetzel is representing the “Peninsula Composting” appeal of the shutdown order.  Dave McBride still chairs the Senate Natural Resources and Environmental Control committee.  John Carney, then representing “Clean Air Council” was fired by them and is long gone from Delaware.  The membership of the committee was engineered by Dave Small.  This is the sort of thing that qualified him, in Governor Markell’s eyes, to head up the DNREC.

Here is a link to the (official) minutes of the June 10, 2002, Committee of Chronic Violators.  For your amusement and enlightenment.  See also this:

 Green Delaware Alert # 142
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Why Delaware stays polluted:
In “The Chemical Capital of the World,” polluters write the environmental

The committee of chronic violators

Calls, emails needed….

May 21, 2002. Why does Delaware stay so polluted and unhealthy, with
nothing really changing, in spite of one pollution scandal after
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